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Continuously providing fast and reliable profits through silica sand mining

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We will create an independent environment for the store.

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Offers a range of solutions with industry-leading technology and expertise.

IPFS based blockchain OTT content streaming service

A next-generation OTT platform where fair rewards are returned to both creators and consumers

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Provides a systematic, smart system, and highly usable service

WHY Mining Tech

  • Trusted Partners

    With abundant business experience, we have built a solid financial environment through high technology and platform advancement.

  • Accumulated technology and know-how

    Leading the infrastructure industry with maximum capacity, affordability, and a variety of services, and applying accumulated technology and know-how to provide a fast and reliable optimized operating environment.

  • Services by foreign language

    It is supported in nine languages, and provides a familiar environment for overseas consumers to increase trust while increasing sales for stores targeting overseas markets.

  • Provides a range of easy-to-use solutions

    We provide a variety of business solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of computer systems and competitiveness to the convenience of stores that can manage products.

  • Overseas payment service

    Global payment & credit card companies allow easy, stable, and fast payment wherever you are in the world.

  • Selected Professional Service Partners

    We will match proven service partners who have the experience and know-how to meet your needs.

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NODAGY guide the shortcut

We guide you on the path to success faster than others.

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Miningtech platform use contract

  • make a contract

    The mining tech platform allows online contracts. After the contract to enter the platform, preparations for product setting by the store start.

  • contract

    When contracting on the mining tech platform, the contract is completed through electronic signature.

  • contract period

    The contract period of the mining tech platform is determined by the contract period determined through negotiation according to the product by each store.

Mining Tech product service

    Digital gold, Bitcoin

    Bitcoin was developed in 2009 as cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency, to allow individuals and individuals to exchange money directly online without government, central banks or financial companies' intervention.
    In 2021, bitcoin is rapidly replacing the traditional gold status based on its liquidity, storage, and scarcity, which are better than gold, which is called digital gold.

    Digital crude oil, Ethereum

    Ethereum is not a replacement for currency, but rather a “start contracts” feature, which is designed to enable contracts other than payments or remittances. Currently, many services such as DeFi, Dapp, and NFT are built on Ethereum.

    Mining headwinds, Filecoin

    Filecoin is the next generation of decentralized digital storage technology (IPFS) to replace traditional Internet methods (http, https). Currently, all data is stored on a central server, but IPFS stores data distributed across multiple storage spaces. It is safe from hacking, and above all, it can bring sovereignty over personal information.

    Eco-friendly cryptocurrency, Chiacoin

    Chiacoin is also called digital green currency. Mining takes place by utilizing the remaining storage space as a PoS algorithm that does not require much power by replacing the existing PoW method (such as Bitcoin).
    It was created by Bram Cohen, the developer of BitTorrent, and emphasizes that it is an eco-friendly coin that complements the shortcomings of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Blockchain silica sand distribution NFT NODAGY

    NODAGY issues NFTs based on the silica sand mining business (mining rights), and through actual mining, the daily production of silica sand used in various industries is linked with the mining volume of cryptocurrency to pay investors a profit.